FANTINI – Stainless Steel


Collection Milano

Milano shows a distinguishing outline which gives a far-reaching sense of the bathroom environment beyond the feeling of modern taste towards a futuristic design. Milano is one of the products of absolute reference in the world of faucets. Its position is emphasized and strengthened by the introduction of the brushed stainless steel version, which is the most contemporary material, characterized by durability over time, perfect for drinkable water.

art. 3004WU
Single-hole washbasin mixer

art. 3004WU
Single-hole washbasin mixer

art. 3006WU
Single-control vessel mixer

art. 3336AU/3036BU
Floor-mount single-control washbasin mixer.

art. D113AU/E613BU
Wall-mount single-control washbasin mixer.

art. 6204WU
Three-hole washbasin mixer.

art. 3008WU
Single-control bidet set.

art. 8035AU/8035BU
MILANO two-function showerhead.

art. D184AU/E584B
1/2’’ non-thermostatic shower/tub mixer with 2-way diverter.

art. 4712AU/4712BU
3/4’’ Thermostatic set with two volume controls.

art. 3380AU/3080BU
Floor-mount single-control high flow tub filler

art. 3065U
Deck-mount high flow tub filler. p. 30_31

art. D203AU/7303BU D221AU/7321BU 8034AU/8034BU (2 PCS) 8035AU/8035BU
3/4’’ Thermostatic set with three volume controls – Wall-mount handshower set with integrated volume control – MILANO in-wall body spray (2 PCS) – MILANO two-function showerhead.

art. D272AU/7372BU 8036AU/8036BU 8052U
3/4’’ thermostatic mixer with integrated 2 way diverter – MILANO rainfall showerhead – Wall-mount handshower set.